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July 2017: Emergency intervention in arid region in Somalia

Ilyas from Somalia has won long-distance races in the state of Hessen, Germany multiple times. As always, the logo of our charity is attached to his leotard. Six years ago he came to Germany at the age of 14 all by himself. This past February he successfully passed his interim examination to become an industrial mechanic and plans on visiting his family in his home town in July - for the first time since his initial arrival to Germany.

Due to the very recent and severe drought in Somalia he wants to interconnect his visit with an emergency intervention. He wants to provide a water source for children who are on the edge of dying of thirst by using 200 liter water cans.

May 2017: heart surgery für a child from Malawi

After a similar surgery in 2013 Dr. Zerfaß from Kirn organized another surgery for a child with a heart condition from Malawi here in Germany that was not possible to do in Malawi. The surgery is supposed to take place in May 2017. Kinderhilfe-grenzenlos is supporting this operation financially.

April 2016: partnerships with hospitals – the 1st chairman is reporting

Our charity Kinderhilfe-grenzenlos e.V. is about to start partnerships with two hospitals in Uganda. The partnership is supposed to help with capacity building in those regions. In February I visited the hospitals in Nkokonjeru and Buikwe/ Lugazi for the first time to evaluate the situation and estimate the need for support. Also, I focused on the medical care for the children. I have seen very poor pediatric wards that lack almost everything, especially support from medical specialists. There are three General Doctors on site – they have completed their medical studies but have no residency.

That is why a pediatrician as well as an anesthetist are desperately needed that our charity wants to not only place there but also support financially. In case you are interested, send us an Email with a short application or contact us in person or over the phone. The dates for your service over there can be chosen individually upon consultation.

In May we will transport relief/medical supplies to Uganda by cooperating with the charity Partnerschaft-gesunde-Welt e. V. in Baden-Württemberg. Referring to the quote by Albert Schweitzer “Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben” (“reverence for life“) we would like to share our impressions, pictures and observations with those that are willing to support us in our effort to help children in third world countries to escape the vicious circle of poverty.

February 2015: Another partnership with a hospital in Uganda

In February 2016 a new partnership between our charity Kinderhilfe-Grenzenlos e.V. and a hospital in Buikew, Lugazi in Uganda was established. Details

October 2014: Partnership with a hospital in Uganda

In October 2014 a new partnership with the St. Francis-hospital in Uganda was established. Details

November 13th, 2013: Typhoon- catastrophe on the Philippines

In November we asked for your support for the victims of the typhoon catastrophe on the Philippines. The supplies are on their way. We will inform you shortly about further action.

September 1st, 2013: heart surgeries organized

n June 2013 Dr. Zerfaß from Kirn and Dr. Schädel from Memmingen participated in pediatric services in the St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Malawi. After their return Dr. Zerfaß organized the transport to Germany and the necessary medical procedures for two children with a heart condition. One procedure was for the treatment of a atrial septal defect with a heart catheter, the other – a ventricular septal defect- made a cardiosurgical procedure necessary. This service was supported financially by our charity Kinderhilfe-grenzenlos.

March 1st, 2013: pediatricians for Malawi

The hospital “St. Gabriel“ built by Luxembourgian nuns in 1959 is located only 50 km to the Southwest from Malawi’s capital Lilongwe. Not only the organization but also the hygiene in the hospital are commendable according to Dr. A. Schultze, the 1st chairman of our charity who visited the hospital for the first time in April 2010. The pediatric ward with its 100 beds is of high significance for the 200,000 people living in the catchment area of the hospital. Unfortunately this ward is not led by a fully educated pediatrician but a Clinical Officer (who has a three year medical education). Our goal is to have pediatricians not only train Clinical Officers but also serve on the pediatric ward with their medical knowledge. More information about this project can be found here or on the hospital’s website