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Account No.: 6633 Bank: Sparkasse Fulda Bank code: 530 501 80

IBAN: DE58 5305 0180 0000 006633


About us

“Kinderhilfe-grenzenlos e.V.“ (“help for children without borders”) is the goal and vision of our charity with the same name. With your help we (three doctors, one banking specialist, one designer, and two college students) would like to reach this goal. This charity was founded in Fulda on January, 26th 2012.

In accordance with an African proverb “Many little people in many small locations who are taking small steps can change the face of this world” we would like to ask for your support.

The main idea of our charity “Kinderhilfe - grenzenlos e.V." is to build partnerships between European and African countries. Those partnerships should be established mainly between kindergartens, schools, hospitals and social institutions.

As important as the material/financial support is, the partnership does not need to end there. The people in those institutions are given the opportunity to learn about traditions, customs and the life of people in that particular country. This is possible through the exchange of drawn pictures in kindergarten or letters in school for example. In which way those partnerships are supposed to grow through for instance sending school material or providing medical treatment abroad is up to the individual participant(s).

In the section “Service” you can find examples, ideas and material to help you with the implementation of your desire to be proactive.

Our ideas

As the charity „Kinderhilfe - grenzenlos e.V." we are committed to helping children in third world countries who are in great need. Our help is supposed to be direct and immediate. At the same time we want to improve the living situations of these children long-term and all-encompassing. We intend to reach this goal by using the Internet as a platform for communication and coordination.

Worldwide there are 370,000 aid agencies (FAZ July, 28th 2011) that have already provided much help and still do. This involvement can have an even bigger impact when we take a look at the possibilities of networking nowadays.

„Kinderhilfe - grenzenlos e.V." provides a network that can be used globally by everyone with no cost. This network gives people the opportunity to establish partnerships to improve the life of children in this world.

  • Partnerships between kindergartens and schools to improve the education of children oversees in material and non-material ways. Children over here can learn about the living circumstances and customs of children in a third world country.
  • Partnerships between hospitals to improve the health system of the foreign partner. For the partners in Germany it can be seen as a positive challenge to help on a caritative and medical level and gain new experiences.

Through this network we can provide the address of interested institutions, so that partnerships can be established. Our idea is to create a base for the co-operation and coordination of different initiatives as well.

Active aid agencies can use the “social network of charities” to exchange experiences.