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Account No.: 6633 Bank: Sparkasse Fulda Bank code: 530 501 80

IBAN: DE58 5305 0180 0000 006633


Social Services in the networked world.

We, the registered non-profit association “Kinderhilfe - grenzenlos e.V.” (children’s help - without frontiers) get involved with underpriviledged chilren in third world countries. Our help is intended to be direct and immediate. At the same time, it should contribute to a long-term and comprehensive improvement of the circumstances under which those children live. Our association wants to reach this goal with the help of proper utilization of the internet as communication and coordination platform.

There are about 370,000 relief organisations active worldwide (FAZ, July 28th, 2011), who have already given much aid and are giving more. We believe that this commitment can still become more effective making use of the networking facilities provided today.

“Kinderhilfe - grenzenlos” provides a network which is to be used by anybody interested in participation all over the world at no charge. Inside this network, opportunity is offered to form social partnerships to support children’s welfare, currently for children in Africa, but with the final goal of becoming active worldwide.

  • Partnerships between nurseries and schools supporting children there with educational material and cultural exchange. Children in developed countries will on the other hand receive knowledge and awareness of life conditions and customs of the children in third world countries.
  • Partnerships between hospitals and other care-giving institutions in order to improve healthcare for the foreign partners. For the European partners it means a worthwhile challenge and new experience of bringing in their effort into charity work.

The network provides addresses of interested institutions in order to find appropriate partners.

Moreover, it is the idea of  “Kinderhilfe - grenzenlos” to form a forum for collaboration and coordination of different initiatives.

Active relief organisations shall be able to use this forum for exchange of experiences and make it a real “social network of charities”.